Ever felt like you're running and running and it's as if you're going nowhere? Ever felt like you have this huge idea in your head and it's such a struggle to just bring it down to Earth because the idea is so big?!

I'm not really quite sure where I'm getting at as I'm writing this right now, but I do know that writing this is making me feel better. Bear with me, this is going to be a super tangential word vomit, but I really need this right now, just be able to organize my thoughts and sort through my feelings...This is okay! This is authentically where I'm at and this is therapeutic. 

Yesterday, I had an AHA moment with my friend Gillian as we were shooting the video for my poem "Created to Create". I didn't really go into that shoot having an agenda as per se. We had my friend Mark who is a speed spray paint artist and Shreba who was a painter. All I knew was that I wanted to capture their essence of creation...

Talking with Shreba, she talked about her collaboration with one of the artists she was working with and how their collaboration was so much more about the intention of the collaborative process as oppose to the final product. All of a sudden, I had a thought:

 "Hey Gillian, this is what we're doing I guess...want to just drag this process out and just see where this video project takes us...let's not worry about the deadline so much and let's just see what we can create?" 

To my surprise; she was really excited. After taking a step back from all of the "busyness" that I've endowed on myself... I realized, I was quite excited too!

Well, here's to a new adventure and uncovering what this looks like.

Little steps are often times the biggest steps that get us to our destination.

What do you create?